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Dear faithful Zion Fest supporters,

We wanted to take the time to write you a hearty, THANK YOU, for your continued support of Know Peace Ministries and our Zion Fest outreach. God has blessed us with supporters like you who have a heart for the youth in Gillespie County and the surrounding area to meet and know Christ through our music ministry.

Through your generosity, hundreds of children heard tremendous Christ centered testimonies, stories of lives destroyed by drugs and alcohol and salvaged through an encounter with Christ. They were moved by the powerful music and performances by amazing Christian artists and many ultimately made a personal choice to invite Christ into their lives. Your generosity left an eternal impact on the struggling youth in our community. We are very grateful for your assistance in helping us glorify the Lord through music.

In 2014-2015 we focused our Christ centered ministry on intentional giving through scholarships to several youth in Gillespie County. This month we provided a Know Peace Scholarship to a local FHS student who needed the means to pursue college. We also stewarded funds to help a local young female archer to further her along in her dream to represent her country by being on the U.S. Junior Archery Team, as well as hosting Fields of Faith.

God’s timing is perfect. Through His leading, we see Zion Fest 2016 as a monumental event to witness Christ’s hand at work and lives being changed. We foresee 2016 as the year Christ’s impact will be felt by all who gather at Zion Fest. Would you kindly consider being the hands and feet of Christ? Would you consider making a donation to help further His kingdom in the youth of Gillespie County?

Your kindness will not return void for Know Peace Ministries is a 501(c)3 non-profit charity and can be tax deductible. We are most thankful for your continued support in helping us reach our local youth and introduce them to the love of Christ.

We’ll be back!!!


Know Peace Ministries Board of Directors & Members:
Paul Larson: CEO/Director
Kris Kammlah: Associate Director/Treasurer
Sheila White: Director of Prayer Ministry
Audra Larson: Secretary
Sarah Kammlah: Committee Member
Kimberly Schumann: Committee Member
Doreen West: Committee Member
Kelly Williams: Website & Graphics Designer